2022 Mission u

Luke 13: One Transformative Biblical Curriculum for Everyone

For more than a century we’ve been gathering annually to better understand how to live our faith in the world by studying for spiritual growth and learning about contemporary issues and neighbors in different geographic areas.

Beginning in 2022, we are taking an exciting new approach to Mission u curricula!

Mission u will now introduce three new curricula each year—one for adults, one for youth and one for children—all focusing on a shared biblical theme. Through these vibrant, relevant, justice-oriented and biblically centered curricula, Mission u will continue its commitment to learning together for the transformation of the world.

These inspiring curricula include opportunities for intergenerational learning and  are designed to be easy to use in small groups, local churches, vacation Bible schools, retreats and other settings.

Developed by diverse teams, each study was tested in different church settings and adapted and optimized based on feedback. And now they are ready for you!


Mission u: July 23-24
9 am-4 pm

BEFORE MISSION u: Tech Check: July 22 • 7 pm

Get comfortable with the virtual technology that will make your Mission u experience more enjoyable. Join us on Zoom to learn about muting and unmuting, showing and changing your video (picture in the box), using Chat and Jamboard, annotating Screen Shares, joining Breakout Rooms, and more.

This will also allow those of us who have a "Gift for Gab" to socialize.

Look for Email with handouts, Zoom link, reminders, and other information.


Materials for the day: mustard seeds, and a fig

9-10 am - Session 1: "Repent or Perish"

What motivates change?

10:30-11:30 - Session 2: Barren Fig Tree Parable

What conditions make things grow?

Lunch: 1 hour

12:30-1:30 - Session 3: Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

What are boundaries? How do we discern the limitations of these boundaries?

2-4 pm - Session 4: Mustard Seed Parable

Who has laid foundations for us, personally and communally? How can we leave a more solid foundation for those coming after?



Materials for the day: packet of active dry yeast and warm water

9-10 am - Session 5: The Parable of the Yeast

What can we do to move our earthly kin-dom(s) closer to the kin-dom that Christ describes?

10:30-11:30 - Session 6: The Narrow Door

What kind of door should be made for entrance into the kin-dom?

Lunch: 1 hour

12:30-1:30 - Session 7: The Fox and the Hen

How do oppressed peoples create safe havens in the midst of turmoil?

2-4 pm - Session 8: Reflection

What do we do with this information now?

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