Our Purpose

United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of The United Methodist Church.

Purpose song.

Our Vision

Turning Faith, Hope, and Love into Action on behalf of women, children and youth around the world.

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Elected Leadership

Sandy Meyer: presmnumw@gmail.com

Program Coordinator
Diana Eickelberg: vpresmnumw@gmail.com

Shirley Goutcher: secmnumw@gmail.com

Teri Arnold: tremnumw@gmail.com

Chair, Committee on Nominations
Faye Christensen: fayechris@brainerd.net

Mission Coordinators

Spiritual Growth
Julie Adams: spgrmnumw@gmail.com

Membership Nurture & Outreach
Melinda Kohrt: mnomnumw@gmail.com

Social Action
Linda Kotschevar: soactmnumw@gmail.com

Education & Interpretation
Linda Brinster: eimnumw@gmail.com

Resource Manager
Grace Swanson: prgresmnumw@gmail.com

Communications Coordinator
Kim Harris: comcomnumw@gmail.com

Committee on Nominations

Class of 2019
Virginia Vandervest: con4mnumw@gmail.com;

Faye Christensen: fayechris@brainerd.net

Class of 2020
Becky Coleman: BeckyC57@gmail.com

Class of 2021
Shirley Durr:shirley.durr@gmail.com

Class of 2022
Barb Hanson:bhanson5474@gmail.com;

Thalia Duffield: thaliaduffield@gmail.com

Appointed Leadership


Commission on the Status and Role of Women
Rennae Petersen: cosrowmnumw@gmail.com

MN & O Officer Update Processor
Sophia Mahowald: officerrupmnumw@gmail.com

Directory Project Leader
Rebecca Bischoff: dbookmnumw@gmail.com

Technology Coordinator
Amanda Harris: techmnumw@gmail.com

Language Coordinator
Wilma Joan Roberts: wilmarober@aol.com


Char Frankenberry:frankenberryc@gmail.com

Mission u


Myrna Kuehl: mnmissionudean@gmail.com

Assistant Dean
Catherine Williams: astdeanmnmissionu@gmail.com

Dawn Bushnell: regmnmissionu@gmail.com

Assistant Registrar TBA

Business Manager
Liz Weninger: lizw@mchsi.com

UMW National Director
Cindy Saufferer: natdirmnumw@gmail.com

District Presidents

Big Waters

Joyce Stobb: presbwmnumw@gmail.com


North Star

Marion Hansen: presnsumw@gmail.com


River Valley

Wailana Barker: presrvumw@gmail.com


Southern Prairie

Sherry Scholljegerdes: presspumw@gmail.com


Twin Cities

Sandra Adelmund: prestcumw@gmail.com 


Are You Called to Serve? 

We Have a Place for YOU!

In his letter to the Romans (12: 4-8), Paul tells us we each are given gifts to bless and nourish the community as one body in Christ. Might you consider serving in a role to support and ensure the mission of United Methodist Women continues?We have many officer openings at the Conference and District level. Perhaps you would consider sharing a role with another woman. We would like to extend an invitation for YOU to consider getting involved in a leadership role. Training is available to help you carry out the responsibilities of the role. 

To learn more about leadership opportunities at the Conference level, please see contact information (to the left) on this page.


To learn more about leadership roles at the District level, please contact your District Committee on Nominations Chair:

Big Waters - Clarice Harman  (763) 389-1845, darclharman@aol.com

North Star - Karol Lehman (218) 310-1578, lehmankarol@yahoo.com

River Valley - Claudia Grehl (507) 886-5582, wifeofgrampy2@gmail.com

Southern Prairie- Deb Anderson (507) 387-7826, gdtbjand@hickorytech.net

Twin Cities - Glenice Booker-Butler (651) 227-7850, bookerbut@msn.com

Contact us